Few tips and website to help improve your Twitter profile

Tips to Improve your Twitter

Posted on 22 February 2009 by Andre

Twitter has grown into a world-wide real-time messaging service where people follow sources most relevant to them. More information about Twitter can be found on their about page.
Twitter has grown so much, that web developers have been creating tools to help improve Twitter usage. I will mention some of the tools which can surely help you get more followers on Twitter.

Twellow – is not only a Twitter search engine, but also a Twitter directory for users, broken down into categories to easily find like minded people in your niche or industry.

Twidentify - is a search engine for Twitter users that get retweeted the most. This is great for finding like minded people because you can see others discussion topics you’re into, and that includes their opinions.

Twithority - is an authority based Twitter search engine for finding the most popular people on the site. The site kind of makes a mini magazine based on the content on Twitter and popular users’ tweets get displayed on the main page. Twithority also tracks the hottest trends based on searches so you can get an idea of what to blog about, or retweet.

Twilert - has an easy interface to get alerts for a topic posted on Twitter. Just put in your Twitter details and keywords to watch and you’ll get updated via email when someone talks about a topic you’ve requested to watch.

TweetBars - lets you easily implement your tweets into your Email, Website and in your forum signature. It is basically Twitter meets Forum Signatures as they’ve coined it already on their website. Interesting little app to play with in my opinion

TwitterGrader – measures the reach and authority of a Twitter user.  It also offers several other tools to improve your Twitter account as well as suggest other Twitter users you might follow.

Mr. Tweet - helps you easily build meaningful relationships by looking through your network and tweets.

Hope these websites will help.
Additionally, I suggest you also read Smashing Magazine how-to: 8 Useful Tips to Become Successful with Twitter

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